In the Name of God

Work and activity in today’s industrial world, a world with ever increasing growth in the production of different kinds of products, are necessary conditions for existence, but the work and activity to suit modern conditions are to fit the day’s knowledge.

Universal village is no longer a modernized or intellectual slogan. Sooner or later we will be forced to enter it. One of its indications is Chinese products. Chinese industries have challenged a great portion of the world industries. Globalization phenomenon is underway and we have to member that to ignore the new conditions could mean destruction. Such modern conditions also include some managerial principles, specially the country of Iran which in many cases is suffering from this deficiency.

False prices of many products and their discord with universal prices could support an industry only for a short time. Low quality and neglecting market needs have their own shares.

In modern management, optimization stands first. Optimization is nothing but establishing equilibrium among contradictions. For instance, in traditional management all works should have been done inside the industrial unit, and it was thought that solving a problem Internally was the sign of power and that ordering the work externally would be a financial loss, unaware of the fact that there would be no time for trail and error any longer and that knowing what kind of science is needed and where to obtain it, is itself a great knowledge. And we have to remember that any job could be performable and any knowledge could be reached providing we don’t want to open the box from the bottom side.

Market of the universal village is no longer our town, province, or even our country, but the whole world is its domain. As we don’t believe any limitation in our purchase and want to get the best from anywhere in the world, likewise anybody who requires our service should be able to find us easily.

It is no longer only quality or price that stands first, but it is desirability of our product and services that guarantee customer’s satisfaction and success.

Pars Peyvand has come to this understanding and hopes you can apply it into your business.

Sincerely yours,


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