WELCOME To Parspeyvand.com

Pars Peyvand Dana Technical Engineering Services Company was established in spring 2002 for the purpose of activity in managerial and economical sectors of chemical industries and improvement of market situation of these companies in the world domain. To gain such objective will not be possible unless through coordination with modern technology of world trade. This company, with an exclusive approach and on the strength of its own human and information resources, attempts to realize this aim.

In the competitive and totally professional market of the world today, there is no chance for trial and error and struggle to compensate the bygones is duty of all of us. This company by utilizing professional human resources in the fields of chemical, polymer, control and industrial engineering, chemical and business management, and with access to extensive scientific and laboratory information resources in different fields of chemical and polymer engineering. Activity fields of this company are:

  • Consider and proposal beneficial plans
  • Technical and qualitative promotion of production
  • Consultation in the grounds of purchase, sale, and change of application of production line.
  • Proposal of substitute primary materials and useful to achieve expected qualifications.
  • Promote and optimize management and marketing.
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